Stu has been tattooing since 2011, In 2014 he opened  Mindseye Tattoo Studio in Coleshill, In 2015 he relocated the studio to Nuneaton.

His favourite style to do is colour realism, but he can turn his hand to most styles.

Aiden has been Tattooing since 2009, He enjoys quite a few styles, He can turn his hand to anything.

Claire has been tattooing since 2011, Her favourite styles are Colour realism, Neo-trad, but she can turn her hand to anything.


Sam has been tattooing since 2017. His favourite style is Surrealism, with a penchant for eyes.


Rob has been tattooing since 2018, He joined the team at Mindseye in 2022, His favourite styles are Trad, American Trad and Old skool.

Rob is the joker of the studio.

Kate has been with us from the start of her tattooing journey, Starting out as an apprentice in 2021, she is currently our junior artist. Her favourite style is colour, glitter, cute and more colour. 

Gina is the newest member of the team here at Mindseye. She has been tattooing since 2020, She started her journey in the Ukraine Joining us as an apprentice in April 2023. Even though she is early in her career her favourite styles presently are blackwork and dotwork.